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Don't read this book before dinner! : revoltingly true tales of foul food, icky animals, horrible history and more
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Author Notes
ANNA CLAYBOURNE is the author of numerous books on the natural world for young readers, including Don't Read This Book Before Bed , the popular 100 series ( 100 Scariest Things on the Planet, 100 Most Awesome Things on the Planet, 100 Most Dangerous Things on the Planet , etc.); the Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of Planet Earth ; Cheetah: Natural World Series ; the Survival Skills Handbook ; and many more. Claybourne started her career as a trainee staff writer and later became a self-employed freelance writer and editor. She writes on almost any subject but specializes in science and nature, and has written many children's books on wild animals (especially predators), volcanoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.
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If you love to be grossed out, grab a seat at the table to revel in some of the most repulsive and downright disgusting true stories from around the globe. <br> <br> From wretched rodents and beastly bugs to putrid plants and muck-filled moats, step right in to find out more about the icky, sticky world around you. Gloriously gross stories of decaying delicacies, foul fashion, horrible history, awful animals, and more are paired with eye-popping pictures, fun facts, and hilarious quizzes in this fun book. Topics go way beyond food to include art, plants, animals, fashion, pop culture, medicine, the human body, and beyond. It's a hot mess to digest, but it's sure to leave kids disgusted and delighted. Read if you dare, but don't say we didn't warn you! Sometimes you CAN judge a book by its cover!
Table of Contents
Introductionp. 6
Decaying Delicaciesp. 8
Terrible Toiletsp. 10
Slobbery Spitp. 12
Creepy-Crawly Cockroachesp. 14
World's Worst Smellsp. 16
Dinner Is Served!p. 18
Repulsive Remediesp. 20
The Dirt On Doo-Doop. 22
Funky Skunks!p. 24
Revolting Recordsp. 26
What's Living on You?p. 28
Horrible Habits of Ancient Romep. 30
Quiz: How Squeamish are you?p. 32
Putrid Professionsp. 34
Foul-Smelling Feastsp. 36
Predatory Plantsp. 38
The Art of Disgustp. 40
Sultans of Slimep. 42
Gross Green Boogersp. 44
Bloodsucking Banditsp. 48
Slippery, Slimy Sewersp. 48
The Disgusting Truth About Dustp. 50
Pungent Peep. 52
Creepy-Crawly Cuisinep. 54
Barf-Tastic Beauty Trendsp. 56
Icky, Sticky Chewing Gump. 58
This Is Your Happy Placep. 60
Monstrous Mold!p. 62
Quiz: Grossbusters!p. 64
Bloodcurdling!p. 66
Wads of Wormsp. 68
What's Lurking in the Water?p. 70
Vile Vomitp. 72
Freaky Flavors to Savorp. 74
Meet the Mummies!p. 76
Wretched Rodentsp. 78
Foul Festivalsp. 80
Stinky, Sickly Shipsp. 82
Nasty Nailsp. 84
Nature's Messiest Munchersp. 86
Toadstools of Terrorp. 88
Quiz: Name that Slimy Stuffp. 90
Foul Fashionp. 92
Drinks that are Hard to Swallowp. 94
Horrible Hunting Habitsp. 96
Disgusting Defensesp. 98
Stinky Sweatp. 100
A Maggoty Mouthfulp. 102
Seriously Stuffed Animalsp. 104
Sickening Surgeryp. 106
Cross Plant Galleryp. 108
Frighteningly Foul Fliesp. 110
The Strange and Smelly Middle Agesp. 112
Horrible Human Habitsp. 114
Invisible Enemiesp. 116
Quiz: Germ Detectivep. 118
Meet Your Gross Houseguests!p. 120
Dirty Moneyp. 122
You've Got Gas!p. 124
A Feast of Strange Beastsp. 126
Waste-Filled Worldp. 128
Stomach-Churning Scavengersp. 130
Quiz: Gross Animalsp. 132
Exhibitions of EWWWp. 134
Clean Your Teeth!p. 136
Sticky Spiderwebsp. 138
Your Freaky Futurep. 140
Photo Creditsp. 142
Creditsp. 144
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