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The whole-body microbiome : how to harness microbes-inside and out-for lifelong health
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Author Notes
B. Brett Finlay, PhD , is the Peter Wall Distinguished Professor in the Michael Smith Laboratories at the University of British Columbia. A leading researcher on bacterial infection, he has been studying microbes for over thirty years and published over five hundred scientific articles. A cofounder of the biotech companies Commense, Vedanta, and Microbiome Insights, Dr. Finlay is an Officer of the Order of Canada, the highest Canadian civilian recognition. He is a coauthor of Let Them Eat Dirt: How Microbes Can Make Your Child Healthier. <br> <br> Jessica Finlay, PhD , is a University of Michigan postdoctoral research fellow who specializes in environmental gerontology and health geography. With degrees from Queen's University and the University of Minnesota, she has won awards for her work and authored publications in leading health, geography, and gerontology journals.
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Father-daughter duo Brett (Let Them Eat Dirt), a microbiologist, and Jessica, a gerontologist, combine their specialties for this excitedly optimistic and research-grounded look at the microbiome's implications for the health of the aging body. Cheerfully stating that "the Fountain of Youth is full of microbes," the Finlays make their way through different bodily systems, both those obviously susceptible to interactions with outside microbes, such as the mouth, skin, and gut, and those less obviously so, such as the lungs and brain. Throughout, they point to data showing that healthier people maintain more microbial diversity as they age, even though diversity inevitably declines over time. Health tips largely consist of commonsense hygiene, diet, and exercise advice, but do include some pointers on limiting use of antibacterials and antibiotics, and on using more probiotics and prebiotics. The authors focus particularly on topics of interest to older people, such as possible microbiological involvement in Alzheimer's and menopause, and the detrimental effects of oversterilized but isolated places like nursing facilities. The Finlays are up front about the fact that much information available on this topic is still speculative, but they make a strong case for the microbiome as an exciting new frontier in health research, with myriad possibilities for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. (Jan.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
Learn the secret to total, lifelong health: the teeming world of microbes inside and all around us <br> <br> Modern-day science has allowed us to prolong and improve life in astonishing ways, often by fending off germs and other invisible foes. But there's no "immunity" to the inevitable signs of aging . . . or is there?<br> <br> In The Whole-Body Microbiome , the father-daughter team of Dr. Brett Finlay (a microbiologist) and Dr. Jessica Finlay (a specialist on aging) offers a different--and truly revolutionary--solution to the quest for the fountain of youth. While much has been written about bacteria in the gut, exciting new research shows that there are millions of microbes both inside our bodies--supporting our brain, teeth, heart, lungs, bones, immune system, and more; plus the microbes on our bodies, coming from the air we breathe and the things we touch all day long--cell phones and kitchen sponges, pets and doorknobs, and even other humans. These microbial "lifelong companions" have an immense impact on our daily health--and, as groundbreaking research is showing, they have the power to help prevent and reverse the most common age-related diseases.<br> <br> In this eye-opening new take on the significance of the microbiome, the Finlays offer empowering knowledge, surprising myth-busters, and simple yet effective daily tips that prove "dirty" is the new clean. Whether it's by changing your diet, enjoying a glass of wine, getting more exercise, trading your antibacterial gel for good old soap and water, or spending more time outdoors, you can change your life today; so that you and your microbes live long--and prosper.
Table of Contents
Prefacep. 1
1The Fountain of Youth Is Full of ... Microbes?p. 5
2Your Microbes Are Glowing: The Skin Microbiomep. 17
3Mind Your Microbes: Microbes and the Brainp. 35
4Healthy Smile, Healthy You: The Oral Microbiomep. 63
5Take a Deep Breath: The Lung Microbiomep. 79
6Belly Bugs: The Stomach Microbiomep. 96
7Microbe Mecca: The Gut Microbiomep. 108
8Love Bugs: The Heart and the Microbiomep. 144
9Females Are Not Small Males: Menopause and the Vaginal Microbiomep. 158
10Microbes Meet Cancerp. 176
11Microbe Tug-of-War: The Immune Systemp. 195
12Flex Your Microbes: The Musculoskeletal Systemp. 220
13Too Clean, Or Not Too Clean: Environmental Microbesp. 238
14The Fountain of Youth Is Full of Microbes: The Future of the Whole-Body Microbiomep. 261
Acknowledgmentsp. 287
Selected Referencesp. 289
Indexp. 303
About the Authorsp. 314
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