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That movie book : awesome, weird and wonderful movies for every weekend of the year
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So many movies --- but which ones are worth watching? With Marc Fennell's That Movie Book in your hand, you will never again be at a loss for what to pick up in the DVD store. Movie critic and mischief-maker Marc Fennell (triple j, Hungry Beast, The Circle) has cunningly programmed and reviewed more than 260 movies to fill every weekend of the year. Each weekend has a theme --- a genre, filmmaker, actor or trend. Think: Movies based on true stories (that aren't really true); A weekend with Walt Disney's most racist characters; The many disturbing faces of Santa; Chris Nolan: Mastermind. You start with an easy introductory movie on Friday night, go a little further on Saturday and then things become downright freaky on Sunday afternoon. Whether you're bored, infirm or under house arrest, your level of commitment is catered to. Expect movies from the past as well as the present, from Hollywood to art house, from kids to adult. It's a veritable film festival from your couch. Buy this book and prepare to assail the DVD store with an Anthony Robbins-like purpose and gather enough films to kill an entire weekend. Sunlight and social lives be damned!
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