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Low Chicago: a wild cards mosaic novel
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Author Notes
George R. R. Martin was born on September 20, 1948 in Bayonne, New Jersey. He began writing at an early age, selling monster stories for pennies to neighborhood children. He received B.S. and M.S. degrees in Journalism from Northwestern University. In 1986, he worked as a story editor for the CBS series The Twilight Zone. He was also an executive story consultant, producer and co-supervising producer for CBS's Beauty and the Beast. <p> In 1970, he sold the story The Hero to Galaxy magazine. Since becoming a full-time writer in 1979, he has written many novels, stories, and series including A Song for Lya, Portraits of His Children, The Pear-Shaped Man, and the Song of Ice and Fire series. He has won numerous awards including five Locus Awards, three Hugo Awards and two Nebula awards. In 2013 he made The New York Times Best Seller List with his titles A Dance with Dragons and A Game of Thrones: a Clash of Kings, a Storm of Swords, a Feast for Crows. His title's Rogues and The Ice Dragon made the New York Times List in 2014. Martin's title, A Knight of Seven Kingdoms, A Song of Fire and Ice novel, made the New York Times bestseller list in 2015. He is number 4 on the Hollywood Reporter's '25 Most Powerful Authors' 2016 list. <p> (Bowker Author Biography)
Fiction/Biography Profile
Lilith (Female), Assassin, Shapeshifter, Stranded in Chicago's past
Khan (Male), Bodyguard, Halfling, Half-tiger; stranded in Chicago's past
Abigail (Female), Power-mimicking; stranded in Chicago's past
John Nighthawk (Male), Immortal, Time traveler, Capable of temporal manipulation; sent to rescue others before they alter history
Sleeper (), Time traveler, Capable of temporal manipulation; sent to rescue the others before they alter history
Alternative history
Science fiction
Time travel
Altering history
Chicago, Illinois - Midwest (U.S.)
Time Period
1920s -- 20th century
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Trade Reviews

  Publishers Weekly Review

In the upbeat 26th installment (after Mississippi Roll) of the anthology series exploring an alternate history where an alien virus accidentally released in 1946 transforms its survivors into supervillainous jokers, superheroic aces, or a combination thereof, eight authors introduce a new wrinkle: time travel. An accident during a high-stakes poker game leaves many of its participants-including shape-shifting assassin Lilith, half-tiger bodyguard Khan, and power-mimicking Abigail-stranded in various moments in Chicago's past. It's up to the immortal John Nighthawk and the fan-favorite Sleeper-currently capable of temporal manipulation-to rescue them before history is irrevocably altered. Every chapter is solidly entertaining; standouts include Saladin Ahmed's "Meathooks on Ice," Christopher Rowe's "The Apotheosis of Todd Taszycki," and Mary Anne Mohanraj's "A Beautiful Facade," all of which allow their protagonists plenty of room for growth and change. Longtime fans will enjoy surprise appearances by previous notables, sometimes in drastically altered circumstances, and this entry also works well as a standalone. It's a treat for any fan of superhero stories. (June) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
<p> Soon to be a show on Hulu! <br> <br> In Low Chicago , a gang of criminals scattered throughout the past threaten the stability of the world in George R. R. Martin's latest Wild Cards adventure. </p> <p>The stakes were already high enough at Giovanni Galante's poker table that night in Chicago. Poker. Dealer's choice. Seven players. A million-dollar cash buy-in.</p> <p>But after a superpowered mishap, the most high-profile criminals in the city are scattered throughout the past and their schemes across time threaten the stability of the world.</p> <p>Perfect for current fans and new readers alike, Low Chicago is an all-new time travel adventure that highlights the criminal underworld of 1920s Chicago, featuring a fresh cast of characters from the Wild Cards universe.</p> <p>Co-edited by #1 New York Times bestselling author George R. R. Martin and Melinda M. Snodgrass (screenwriter, Star Trek), Low Chicago features the writing talents of Saladin Ahmed (author of the bestselling comic Black Bolt ), Paul Cornell (screenwriter, Doctor Who ), Marko Kloos (author of the bestselling Frontlines series), John Jos. Miller, Mary Anne Mohanraj ( Bodies in Motion, The Stars Change ), Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy and Theodore Sturgeon Award finalist Christopher Rowe, Kevin Andrew Murphy, and Melinda M. Snodgrass.</p> <p>"Martin has assembled an impressive array of writers. . . . Progressing through the decades, Wild Cards keeps its momentum."-- Locus </p> <p> Now in development for TV: Rights to develop Wild Cards have been acquired by Universal Cable Productions, the team behind The Magicians and Mr. Robot , with the co-editor of Wild Cards, Melinda Snodgrass, as executive producer. <br> <br> The Wild Cards Universe <br> The Original Triad <br> #1 Wild Cards<br> #2 Aces High<br> #3 Jokers Wild</p> <p> The Puppetman Quartet <br> #4: Aces Abroad<br> #5: Down and Dirty<br> #6: Ace in the Hole<br> #7: Dead Man's Hand</p> <p> The Rox Triad <br> #8: One-Eyed Jacks<br> #9: Jokertown Shuffle<br> #10: Dealer's Choice</p> <p>#11: Double Solitaire<br> #12: Turn of the Cards</p> <p> The Card Sharks Triad <br> #13: Card Sharks<br> #14: Marked Cards<br> #15: Black Trump</p> <p>#16: Deuces Down<br> #17: Death Draws Five</p> <p> The Committee Triad <br> #18: Inside Straight<br> #19: Busted Flush<br> #20: Suicide Kings</p> <p> The Fort Freak Triad <br> #21: Fort Freak<br> #22: Lowball<br> #23: High Stakes</p> <p> The American Triad <br> #24: Mississippi Roll<br> #25: Low Chicago<br> #26: Texas Hold 'Em</p>
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