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Prostate cancer breakthroughs
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Author Notes
Jay S. Cohen, MD, an Associate Professor (Voluntary) of Family and Preventive Medicine at the University of California, San Diego, is a nationally recognized expert on prescription drugs and their natural alternatives. He has published scientific papers in leading medical journals and has written articles for Newsweek, Bottom Line Health, and other periodicals. Dr. Cohen has also been a keynote speaker at major medical conferences and has debated top FDA officials about drug safety.
First Chapter or Excerpt
Acknowledgments I want to express my deep appreciation to the Informed Prostate Cancer Support Group. The willingness of its members to reach out and educate men like me who are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer is both generous and invaluable. Their new efforts changed the course of my medical care for the better. Groups like IPCSG are helpful not only for supporting men with this terrible and sometimes deadly cancer, but also in spreading the word about vital new tests and treatments, ideas that men with prostate cancer can take to their doctors, thereby facilitating much needed change in the medical approach to prostate cancer care today. For readers of this book, the IPCSG website ( is an excellent source of information, particularly the monthly lectures and discussions, available on DVD, with top experts in all of the fields of medicine that are involved in the treatment of prostate cancer. My sincere thanks also to the small group of fellows who met every week over Chinese food to discuss our individual challenges as well as new ideas and reports about prostate cancer. I also want to thank my publication team of Beth and Ezra Barany of Barany Consulting, and my reliable proofreaders, Karen Lockwood and Barbara Isrow-Cohen. Thank you for your guidance, support, and encouragement in my new adventure as both writer and publisher. It has been an ongoing learning experience and a thrill. Excerpted from Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs: The New Options You Need to Know About by Jay S. Cohen All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.
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<p>"Vital new information for men diagnosed with prostate cancer!"</p> <p>--George Johnson, Director of the Informed Prostate Cancer Support Group in San Diego, the largest independent group in California<br> <br> If you or someone you know is one of the thousands of men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, this book is must reading. In Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs , best-selling author Dr. Jay Cohen provides new information on PSA testing, targeted biopsy, and groundbreaking prostate cancer treatments.<br> <br> Concise and easy to understand, Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs focuses on the information that all patients need to know. It first offers a step-by-step look at the entire diagnostic process, up to and including the diagnosis, and suggests how you should go about getting a second and even a third opinion. It then describes twelve different treatment choices that may be considered. Other important topics include genetic testing, Carbon-11 Acetate PET/CT scans for earlier identification of metastases, medication therapy, and more. Studies have proven that most men diagnosed with prostate cancer do not need surgery or radiation treatment. Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs tells you how to determine what your options are. In the words of one reviewer, "This book answers all of your questions and others you didn't know to ask."<br> <br> In this book, you will discover:<br> * Why 85% of men who get surgery or radiation for prostate cancer do not need it.<br> * Why a high PSA test does not necessarily mean cancer.<br> * How to tell if you really need a biopsy (many men don't).<br> * Why a targeted biopsy is superior to a standard biopsy, and where to get one.<br> * Why dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging (DCE-MRI) is key to deciding on treatment.<br> * Which genetic tests are available for accurate diagnosis and more effective therapy.<br> * If medication, rather than surgery/radiation, is a valid choice for you.<br> <br> Today, many doctors and patients are still not aware of the breakthrough methods of diagnosis and treatment that are being used at top United States cancer centers. Prostate Cancer Breakthroughs provides the up-to-date information you need to make the choices that are right for you.</p>
Table of Contents
Acknowledgmentsp. vi
Introductionp. 1
Part 1A Better Diagnostic Approach
1An Annual PSA Testp. 11
2Blind Biopsy, Targeted Biopsy, or No Biopsy?p. 21
3Assessing Your Findingsp. 27
4The Support Groupp. 35
5The Dynamic, Contrast-Enhanced MRIp. 39
6The Color Doppler Ultrasoundp. 45
7Genetic Diagnostic Testsp. 51
8The Carbon-11 PET/CT Scanp. 59
Part 2When the Diagnosis is Prostate Cancer, What's Next?
9Aggressive Therapiesp. 65
10Non-Invasive Therapiesp. 79
11Focal Therapiesp. 95
Part 3Weighing the Evidence and Making a Decision
12What Does Your Data Say?p. 103
13Thirty Questions to Ask Your Doctorp. 111
Conclusionp. 115
Glossaryp. 119
Resourcesp. 123
Referencesp. 131
Indexp. 137
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