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The jealousy cure : learn to trust, overcome possessiveness, and save your relationship
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Author Notes
Robert L. Leahy, PhD, is a renowned psychologist and author of several books, including The Worry Cure. He writes a regular blog for Psychology Today, and is an international speaker who has been featured in print, radio, and television media. <br> Foreword writer Paul Gilbert, PhD, is developer of compassion-focused therapy (CFT), and author of numerous books, including The Compassionate Mind.
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<p> Could jealousy be a positive thing? In this groundbreaking book, Robert L. Leahy-author of the hugely popular self-help guide, The Worry Cure-invites you to gain a greater understanding of your jealous feelings, keep jealousy from hijacking your life, and create healthier relationships. </p> <p>We've all heard tales of the overly jealous spouse or significant other. Maybe we've even been that jealous person, though we may not want to admit it. It's hard to imagine anyone sailing through life without either having feelings of jealousy or being the target of someone's jealousy. But what if jealousy isn't just a neurotic weakness? What if it signals that your relationship matters to you? In short-what if jealousy serves a purpose?</p> <p>In The Jealousy Cure, renowned psychologist Robert L. Leahy takes a more nuanced approach to tackling feelings of jealousy. In this compelling book, you'll uncover the evolutionary origins of jealousy, and how and why it's served to help us as a species. You'll also learn practices based in emotional schema theory, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and mindfulness to help you overcome the shame jealousy can bring, improve communication with your partner, and ultimately make room for jealousy while also making your relationship more meaningful. You will learn that confronting jealousy in your relationship does not have to be a catastrophe, but can redirect you and your partner to build more trust, acceptance, and connection.</p> <p>We often feel jealous because we fear losing the things or people that matter to us the most. With this insightful guide, you'll discover how jealousy can both help and hurt your relationship, and learn proven-effective skills to keep jealousy in its place.</p>
Table of Contents
Forewordp. v
Introductionp. 1
Part IAbout the Passion of Jealousy
1The Evolution of Competitive Emotionsp. 9
2Is Jealousy a Problem for You?p. 21
3Attachment and Commitmentp. 29
Part IIHow Jealousy Becomes a Problem
4Hijacked by the Jealous Mindp. 49
5Jealous Strategies That Drive Your Partner Awayp. 75
Part IIITurning Jealousy Around
6Stepping Back to Observe and Acceptp. 93
7Living with Your Thoughtsp. 109
8Talking Back to Your Jealousyp. 131
9Putting Jealousy in Contextp. 157
10Solving It Togetherp. 167
11Getting Past the Past to Overcome Retrospective Jealousyp. 189
12"It's Complicated"-Getting Past Infidelityp. 205
Concluding Reflectionsp. 225
Acknowledgmentsp. 229
Notesp. 231
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