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Author Notes
Amy Newmark is the bestselling author, editor-in-chief, and publisher of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. Since 2008, she has published 133 new books, most of them national bestsellers in the U.S. and Canada, more than doubling the number of Chicken Soup for the Soul titles in print today. She is also the author of Simply Happy, a crash course in Chicken Soup for the Soul advice and wisdom that is filled with easy-to-implement, practical tips for having a better life. (Bowker Author Biography)
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Stepping outside your comfort zone is one of the best ways to feel younger, happier, and more confident. These 101 stories will inspire you to try new things, overcome your fears and broaden your world. <br> <br> When we try new things, we end up feeling energized and pleased with ourselves. There is tremendous power in saying "yes" to new things, new places, and new experiences. The authors of these stories explain how they did it and how good it made them feel, whether it was something as simple as trying a new food or something as life changing as starting a new career. You'll be ready to shake up your own life after you read about their experiences.
Table of Contents
Introductionp. 1
1Just Say Yes
1Run    Amy Newmarkp. 7
2Third Times the Charm    Jodi Renee Thomasp. 10
3Flying High    Mary Potter Kenyonp. 13
4Go for It!    Georgia A. Hubleyp. 17
5The Challenge    Monica Cardiffp. 20
6Jump    Janet L. Christensenp. 23
7The Redemption Project    Sarah Barnump. 26
8A Woman with a Secret    Mary Jo Marcellus Wysep. 29
9Trying Something Different    D.E. Brighamp. 33
10You Never Know    Joey Wootanp. 36
2Learn to Trust
11A Night in Philly    Terri Brucep. 43
12More Kindness than Danger    Mark Rickerbyp. 46
13Lord Knows    Matt Capriolip. 50
14A Foothold in Life    Colleen M. Arnoldp. 54
15A Stepping Stone to Joy    Joanna Dylanp. 57
16Black Diamonds Aren't Forever    Barbara Bartoccip. 61
17The View from the Ground    Iiana Longp. 64
18Kryptonite    Isaac Saulp. 68
19Learning to Breathe    Arlene Ledbetterp. 73
20Reaching New Heights    Pat Wahlerp. 77
3Connect with Someone
21I Was There    CL Nashp. 83
22Elevator Challenge    Ruth Lehrerp. 85
23Friendship in Translation    Jessica Snellp. 89
24Knocking on a Strangers Door    Michelle Brucep. 91
25Interfering    Jody Lebelp. 94
26The Oroville Dam Crisis    Paula Scott Bicknellp. 98
27Ten Past Three    Sal Patelp. 102
28Comedy and Courage    Micheline Birgerp. 106
29Jerry    Debi Smith Pouliotp. 108
30When Shrinking Violets Bloom    Marya Morinp. 110
4Reinvent Yourself
31Following My Heart    Randi Nelsonp. 117
32Fifty    Tim Ramseyp. 120
33No More White Walls    Ava Penningtonp. 124
34Climbing the Mountain    Michelle Emeryp. 128
35A Brand-New Day    Patty Poetp. 132
36From Plumbing to Prose    Gary Spraguep. 135
37San Antonio Living    Melissa Wootanp. 137
38The Makeover    Arlene S. Bicep. 139
39Books to Barbells    Mary Jane Michelsp. 141
40My Life 2.0    Jean Bevanmarquezp. 145
41Running Away with the Circus    Cat Kenwellp. 148
5Face Your Fears
42A Tough Journey to a Magical Destination    Liz Thompsonp. 155
43Taking Action    L.M. Lushp. 159
44The Conqueror    Marcia Wellsp. 162
45The Elevator    Jamie Leigh Millerp. 165
46No Regrets    Rhonda C. Hensleyp. 167
47The Phobia    Connie Brownp. 170
48Mother Courage    L.A. Struckep. 172
49In Over My Head    Rose Burkep. 176
50I Choose the Roller Coaster    Heidi Allenp. 179
51Swimming through My TEDx Talk    Kelly Kittelp. 183
6Be Spontaneous
52Not Just Another Thursday    Lindsey A. Knuthp. 191
53A Humbling Experience    Kim Tendland-Frenettep. 195
54I Am a Karate Mom    Alice Jones Webbp. 199
55Life Is Better Upside-Down    Laura Johnsonp. 203
56A Greyhound Encounter    Devora Adamsp. 207
57The Blue Dress    Adriana Añonp. 210
58Splash of Fame    Barbara Bradyp. 213
59How Hard Could It Be?    David M. Williamsonp. 216
60Use the Rope    Heidi Johnsonp. 219
61Just Ask    Courtney Lynn Mrochp. 222
7Go Far Away
62Off My Rocker in France    Michele Bazan Reedp. 229
63To Galway, with Love    A.B. Chesterp. 232
64The Gift of Getting Uncomfortable    Brittany L. Stalsburgp. 236
65Granny Drives a Hummer    Rachel Elizabeth Printyp. 240
66After the Jungle    V.A. Nirodep. 244
67Electing Risk    John Dwyerp. 248
68Broke and Traveling the World    Cynthia Grahamp. 250
69The Oddity    Amy Newmarkp. 253
70The Experiment    D.E. Brighamp. 256
71Role Models    Rebecca Watersp. 260
8Find Love
72Leaving the Swamp    Kenneth Heardp. 267
73Making Miracles    Maile Timonp. 271
74Leap of Faith    Sara L. Foustp. 276
75Stepping Over Logs    Thomas G.M. Sharpep. 280
76Dream Come True    Pavla Zákova-Laneyp. 283
77Risk and Reward    Alyssa Kamenskyp. 286
78A Salvage-Yard Romance    Sally Bairp. 288
79Family Day    Heidi Allenp. 291
80Take a Chance    Lynne Nicholsp. 295
81The Glory of Love    Sandy A. Reidp. 299
9Take a Risk
82The Moonlit Kayak    Marta A. Oppenheimerp. 305
83A Fish Out of Water    Tom Lockhartp. 310
84The Blue Jacket    Bronwyn Harrisp. 313
85Disembarking    Dana Carpenterp. 316
86A Bolt from the Blue    Nick Walkerp. 320
87We Call That Bait    Kristi Adamsp. 324
88Stand-Up    Barbara Bennettp. 328
89One Simple Word    Kay Prestop. 332
90A Story from My Heart    Luanne Tovey Zuccarip. 336
91Moving    Dea Irbyp. 340
10Take Back Your Life
92Driving Away from Fear    Rachel Dunstan Mullerp. 347
93Choosing Hope    Clara Emberp. 351
94The Joy of a Mortal Body    Mitali Ruthsp. 355
95Life Guard    Caurie Putnamp. 359
96Body Liberation    Marie Petrarchp. 362
97Mascara First    Phyllis McKinleyp. 364
98From Restriction to Open Spaces    Yashika R. Smithp. 368
99Cooking Up a New Life    Francesca Montillop. 371
100Conquering My Mountain    Susan Maddy Jonesp. 374
101An Agoraphobics International Flight for Love    John Estebanp. 378
Meet Our Contributorsp. 381
Meet Amy Newmarkp. 397
Thank Youp. 399
About Chicken Soup for the Soulp. 401
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